Argus Aerial Mapping Ltd.

Serving British Columbia and western Canada
Cost-effective high-resolution aerial imagery captured by unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). We map up to medium-size areas in three dimensions quickly and accurately. Realize the benefits of precision aerial imaging on projects where other methods would be uneconomic or impractical.
Ideally suited for mapping areas from a few hectares up to several square kilometers in size. Images are captured at a resolution down to three centimeters per pixel and processed into a variety of geo-referenced high-resolution orthomosaics, thematic maps, and 3D terrain models.
ebee in hands

Fixed-Wing UAV

Fixed-wing UAV is lightweight and flies fast, covering a large area in a single flight.
ebee launch

Hand Launched

The UAV is launched by hand. No apparatus required for takeoff or landing.
flight plan

Automated Flight

A pre-configured flight plan is rehearsed in simulation, then flown automatically.
UAV mapping has many applications across a broad range of industries. Here are a few examples...
(The images are for illustration only and do not represent high-resolution output.)
Argus Aerial Mapping uses state-of-the-art senseFly UAVs and Pix4D software solutions.